Online Reviews, Vol. 6

Aaron Hershowitz reviewing A. Carty, Polycrates, Tyrant of Samos: New Light on Archaic Greece (1-4)

Caroline Vout reviewing M. Swetnam-Burland, Egypt in Italy: Visions of Egypt in Roman Imperial Culture (5-7)

Angeline Chiu reviewing L. Edmunds, ed., Approaches to Greek Myth, Second Edition (8-12)

Éric Fournier reviewing J. Hillner, Prison, Punishment and Penance in Late Antiquity (13-17)

Thomas Pratsch reviewing D. Potter, Theodora. Actress, Empress, Saint (18-20)

Nadine Schibille reviewing A. Eastmond, ed., Viewing Inscriptions in the Late Antique and Medieval World (21-24)

James Ambury reviewing F. Renaud and H. Tarrant, The Platonic Alcibiades I: The Dialogue and Its Ancient Reception (25-27)

Manuela Anelli reviewing K. McDonald, Oscan in Southern Italy and Sicily. Evaluating Language Contact in a Fragmentary Corpus (28-32)

Ruth Scodel reviewing M. Fantuzzi and C. Tsagalis, edd., The Greek Epic Cycle and its Ancient Reception: a Companion (33-35)

Gillian Ramsey reviewing P. Briant. Darius in the Shadow of Alexander (36-38)

Cecelia Luschnig reviewing M. Lefkowitz, Euripides & the Gods (40-41)

Laura Miguélez-Cavero reviewing A. Cameron, Wandering Poets and Other Essays on Late Greek Literature and Philosophy (42-46)

Duane Roller reviewing S. Bianchetti, M. R. Cataudella, and H.-J. Gehrke, eds., Brill’s Companion to Ancient Geography: The Inhabited World in Greek and Roman Tradition (47-49)

Conor Whately reviewing J. Given, trans., The Fragmentry History of Priscus. Attila, the Huns and the Roman Empire, AD 430–476 (50-53)

Harald Thorsrud reviewing K. Algra & K. Ierodiakonou (eds.), Sextus Empiricus and Ancient Physics (54-56)

Daniel Ullucci reviewing H. Marx-Wolf, Spiritual Taxonomies and Ritual Authority: Platonists, Priests, and Gnostics in the Third Century C.E. (57-59)

G.K. Golden reviewing Valerij Goušchin and P. J. Rhodes, eds. Deformations and Crises of Ancient Civil Communities (60-65)

Rachel Bird reviewing Ruth R. Caston and Robert A. Kaster, eds. Hope, Joy, and Affection in the Classical World (66-72)

Raimund Schulz reviewing M. Jehne & F. Pina Polo (Hg.), Foreign clientelae in the Roman Empire. A Reconsideration (73-76)

Alex Imrie reviewing Clifford Ando, ed., Citizenship and Empire in Europe 200-1900: The Antonine Constitution after 1800 years (77-80)

Julie Sorba reviewing Marie-Claire Beaulieu, The Sea in the Greek Imagination (81-84)

Joseph McAlhany reviewing Franco Montanari, Stephanos Matthaios & Antonios Rengakos, eds., Brill’s Companion to Ancient Greek Scholarship (85-90)

Jak Yakar reviewing Christian Marek, In the Land of a Thousand Gods: A History of Asia Minor in the Ancient World (91-94)

Sylvie Rougier-Blanc reviewing L. Cecchet, Poverty in the Athenian Public Discourse. From the eve of the Peloponnesian War to the Rise of Macedonia (95-100)

Steven L. Tuck reviewing Carsten Hjort Lange, Triumphs in the Age of Civil War: The Late Republic and the Adaptability of Triumphal Tradition (101-103)

Ulrike Roth reviewing Matthew J. Perry, Gender, Manumission, and the Roman Freedwoman (104-107)

Darja Šterbenc Erker reviewing Jacqueline Fabre-Serris, Alison Keith, Women and War in Antiquity (108-113)

Alexander Skinner reviewing David S. Potter, The Roman Empire at Bay, AD 180-395 (114-116)

Robert J. Nichols reviewing Alex Gottesman, Politics and the Street in Democratic Athens (117-120)

Julia Hillner reviewing Joyce E. Salisbury, Rome’s Christian Empress: Galla Placidia Rules at the Twilight of the Empire (121-124)

Laura McClure reviewing Alison Glazebroek & Barbara Tsakirgis (eds.), Houses of Ill Repute: The Archaeology of Brothels, Houses, and Taverns in the Greek World (125-127)

Christopher P. Thornton reviewing Ayşe Gürsan-Salzmann, The New Chronology of the Bronze Age Settlement of Tepe Hissar, Iran (128-133)

Tom Stevenson reviewing Christian Meier, Die Ohnmacht des allmächtigen Dictators Caesar: Drei biographische Skizzen (134-135)

Kathleen W. Slane reviewing David K. Pettegrew, The Isthmus of Corinth: Crossroads of the Mediterranean World (136-140)


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