Online Reviews, Vol. 5

Ann Steiner reviewing Justin St P. Walsh, Consumerism in the Ancient World: Imports and Identity Construction 

Reinhard Wolters reviewing Erika Manders, Coining Images of Power. Patterns in the Representation of Roman Emperors on Imperial Coinage, A.D. 193-284

Caroline A. Perkins reviewing Len Krisak, trans. with an Introduction by Sarah Ruden, Ovid’s Erotic Poems: Amores and Ars Amatoria

Antonis Tsakmakis reviewing Edith Foster & Donald Lateiner (eds.), Thucydides and Herodotus  

Martha C.Taylor reviewing Vincent Azoulay, Pericles of Athens 

Carson Bay reviewing Jesper Majbom Madsen and Roger Rees, eds. Roman Rule in Greek and Latin Writing: Double Vision

Gocha R. Tsetskhladze reviewing R. Garland, Wandering Greeks: The Ancient Greek Diaspora from the Age of Homer to the Death of Alexander the Great

Stephen Ruzicka reviewing Matt Waters, Ancient Persia: A Concise History of the Achaemenid Empire, 550-330 BCE

Christopher Tuplin reviewing P. Kosmin, The Land of the Elephant Kings. Space, Territory, and Ideology in the Seleucid Empire

William R. Caraher reviewing Michael Dixon, Late Classical and Early Hellenistic Corinth, 138-196 BC

Kenneth F. Kitchell, Jr. reviewing Cristiana Franco, Shameless: the Canine and the Feminine in Ancient Greece: With a New Preface and Appendix

Ian S. Moyer reviewing László Török Herodotus in Nubia

Daniel P. Tompkins reviewing Peter W. Rose, Class in Archaic Greece.


J.J. Lightfoot reviewing Floris Overduin, Nicander of Colophon’s Theriaca: A Literary Commentary.

Sylvain Destephen reviewing Lee L. Brice, Daniëlle Slootjes, eds., Aspects of Ancient Institutions and Geography. Studies in Honor of Richard J. A. Talbert.

John Drinkwater reviewing Kerstin Droß-Krüpe, ed., Textile Trade and Distribution in Antiquity/Textilhandel und – distribution in der Antike.

Edward Watts reviewing Anthony Kaldellis, The Christian Parthenon: Classicism and pilgrimage in Byzantine Athens

Denver Graninger reviewing José Pascual, Maria-Fotini Papakonstantinou (eds.), Topography and History of Ancient Epicnemidian Locris.

Virginia Fabrizi reviewing J. Fisher, The Annals of Q. Ennius and the Italic Tradition.

Andrew G. Scott reviewing A. Kemezis, Greek Narratives of the Roman Empire under the Severans.

Maria Osmers reviewing Naoíse Mac Sweeney (ed.), Foundation Myths in Ancient Societies. Dialogues and Discourses

Jonathan L. Zecher reviewing W. D. Ward, The Mirage of the Saracen. Christians and Nomads in the Sinai Peninsula in Late Antiquity

Valerie Hope reviewing J. Toner, The Day Commodus Killed a Rhino. Understanding the Roman Games

Yasmina Benferhat reviewing M.F. Petraccia, Indices e delatores nell’antica Roma. Occultiore indicio proditus ; in occultas delatus insidias

Charles Thuminger reviewing I. Israelowich, Patients and Healers in the High Roman Empire

Vincent J. Rosivach reviewing R. Osborne, Athens and Athenian Democracy

Michael Iliakis reviewing R. Mairs, The Hellenistic Far East: archaeology, language and identity in Greek Central Asia

Charles Gates reviewing A. M. Kemezis (ed.), Urban Dreams and Realities in Antiquity. Remains and Representations of the Ancient City

Levente Takács reviewing J. Neel, Legendary Rivals: Collegiality and Ambition in the Tales of Early Rome

Paul J. Du Plessis reviewing D. Lyons and K. Raaflaub (eds.), Ex Oriente Lex: Near Eastern Influences on Ancient Greek & Roman Law

John R. Wallach reviewing M. Lane, The Birth of Politics: Eight Greek and Roman Political Ideas and Why They Matter 


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