Online Reviews, Vol. 4

Michael Lovano, reviewing Gregory K. Golden, Crisis Management during the Roman Republic: the role of political institutions in emergencies (3-6)

Lisbeth Bredholt Christensen, reviewing Julia Kindt. Rethinking Greek Religion (7-10)

Dirk Steuernagel, reviewing Douglas Boin, Ostia in Late Antiquity (11-14)

Eric Dugdale, reviewing George W.M. Harrison and Vayos Liapis, eds., Performance in Greek and Roman Theatre (15-20)

John Bennet, reviewing D. Nakassis, Individuals and Society in Mycenaean Pylos (21-24)

Robert Garland, reviewing Christian Laes, C.F. Goodey, and M. Lynn Rose, eds., Disabilities in Roman Antiquity: Disparate Bodies a Capite ad Calcem (25-27)

Allison Boex, reviewing Alison E. Cooley, The Cambridge Manual of Latin Epigraphy (28-31)

Pete Wilson, reviewing Simon Esmonde Cleary, The Roman West, AD 200-500. An Archaeological Study (32-34)

Alexander Falileyev, reviewing Alex Mullen, Southern Gaul and the Mediterranean: multilingualism and multiple identities in the Iron Age and Roman periods (35-38)

Stephen T. Newmyer, reviewing Kenneth F. Kitchell, Animals in the Ancient World from A to Z (39-41)

Paul Dobraszczyk, reviewing Mark Bradley, ed., Rome, Pollution and Propriety (42-44)

Bruno Centrone, reviewing Sarah B. Pomeroy, Pythagorean Women. Their History and Writings (45-47)

Thomas Kraus, reveiwing Hodkinson, et al. eds., Epistolary Narratives in Ancient Literature (48-50)

Mitchell Rothman, reviewing Marie Aubet, Commerce and Colonization in the Ancient Near East (51-54)

Fernando Echeverría, reviewing Alverez Rico, El Campamen to Militar Griego en Época Clásica

David Woods, reviewing den Boeft et al., Philological and Historical Commentary on Ammianus XXIX (58-61)

José Pascual, reviewing Hobden and Tuplin, eds., Xenophon: Ethical Principles and Historical Enquiry (62-68)

Susan A. Curry, reviewing W.V. Harris, ed., The Ancient Mediterranean Environment between Science and History (69-71)

Mark W. Chavalas reviewing Jane A. Hill, Philip Jones, and Antonio J. Morales, eds., Experiencing Power, Generating Authority (72-73)

Peter B. Golden reviewing Peter Fibiger Bang and Dariusz Kołodziejczyk, eds., Universal Empire (74-79)

Alvaro Ibarra reviewing Denise Demetriou, Negotiating Identity in the Ancient Mediterranean (80-83)

Joseph R. Reisert reviewing Katherine Harloe and Neville Morley, eds., Thucydides and the Modern World (84-88)

Thomas K. Hubbard reviewing Lin Foxhall, Studying Gender in Classical Antiquity (89-91)

Carol G. Thomas reviewing Eric H. Cline, 1177 B.C. The Year Civilization Collapsed (92-93)

Arjan Zuiderhoek reviewing Walter Scheidel, ed., The Cambridge Companion to the Roman Economy (94-96)

Karen S. Rubinson reviewing Michael D. Danti, with contributions by Megan Cifarelli, Hasanlu V (97-100)

John D. Turner reviewing Dylan M. Burns, Apocalypse of the Alien God, Platonism and the Exile of Sethian Gnosticism (101-103)

David Mirhady  reviewing Brenda Griffith-Williams, A Commentary on Selected Speeches of Isaios (104-106)

Carolyn Swan reviewing Alison E. Cooley and M.G.L. Cooley, Pompeii and Herculaneum: A Sourcebook (107-110)

Silvio Bär reviewing Emma Stafford, Herakles. Gods and Heroes of the Ancient World (111-115)

Boin on Steuernagel, reviewing Douglas Boin, Ostia in Late Antiquity (116)  

Chris Trinacty reviewing Gregor Damschen and Andreas Heil (eds.), Brill’s Companion to Seneca: Philosopher and Dramatist (117-119)

Edith Foster, reviewing Simon Hornblower, Herodotus: Book Five, (120-121)

Laura Gawlinski reviewing Michael Scott, Delphi: A History of the Center of the Ancient World (122-125)

David Wardle reviewing S.J.V. Malloch, The Annals of Tacitus Book 11 (126-128)


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