Online Reviews, Vol. 3

David Roochnik, reviewing Mark McPherran, ed., Plato’s Republic: A Critical Guide (1-3)

Rachel Zelnick-Abramovitz, reviewing Sara Forsdyke, Slaves Tell Tales and Other Episodes in the Politics of Popular Culture in Ancient Greece (4-6)

Graham Zanker, reviewing Heinrich F. Plett, Enargeia in Classical Antiquity and the Early Modern Age: The Aesthetics of Evidence (7-9)

Georgia L. Irby, reviewing Daniela Dueck, Geography in Classical Antiquity (10-12)

Jennifer Webb, reviewing G. Papantoniou, Religion and Social Transformations in Cyprus: From the Cypriot Basileis to the Hellenistic Strategos (13-15)

Alison E. Cooley, reviewing Karl Galinsky, Augustus: Introduction to the Life of an Emperor (16-17)

Frances Pownall, reviewing Joseph Roisman and Ian Worthington eds., A Companion to Ancient Macedonia (18-21)

Raymond Van Dam, reviewing Sabine R. Hübner and David M. Ratzan, ed., Growing Up Fatherless in Antiquity (22-24)

Richard Bussmann, reviewing Douglas J. Brewer, The Archaeology of Ancient Egypt: Beyond Pharaohs (25-27)

Marcello Mogetta, reviewing Saskia T. Roselaar, ed., Processes of Integration and Identity Formation in the Roman Republic (28-34)

Craig A. Gibson, reviewing Robert J. Penella. ed., Rhetorical Exercises from Late Antiquity: A Translation of Choricius of Gaza’s Preliminary Talks and Declamations (35-36)

Maria Cristina Biella, reviewing Jean MacIntosh Turfa, Divining the Etruscan World: The Brontoscopic Calendar and Religious Practice (37-41)

Kathryn Mattison, reviewing K. Bosher, ed., Theater Outside Athens: Drama in Greek Sicily and South Italy (42-44)

Saskia Roselaar, reviewing Valentina Arena, Libertas and the Practice of Politics in the Late Roman Republic (45-47)

Kathryn Simonsen, reviewing Stephen Lambert, Inscribed Athenian Laws and Decrees 352/1-322/1 BC: Epigraphical Essays (48-50)

Garrett G. Fagan, reviewing F. Yegül, Bathing in the Roman World (51-53)

David Neal Greenwood, reviewing Clare Rowan, Under Divine Auspices: Divine Ideology and the Visualization of Imperial Power in the Severan Period (54-56)

Janek Kucharski, reviewing Matthew R. Christ, The Limits of Altruism in Democratic Athens (57-59)

Diana Spencer, reviewing Maria Wyke, Caesar in the USA (60-63)

Annalisa Marzano, reviewing Luuk De Ligt, Peasants, Citizens and Soldiers: Studies in the Demographic History of Roman Italy 225 BC – AD 100 (64-66)

Dennis Trout, reviewing Catherine Ware, Claudian and the Roman Epic Tradition (67-69)

Valerie M. Hope, reviewing J. Bert Lott, Death and Dynasty in Early Imperial Rome: Key Sources with Text, Translation and Commentary (70-71)

Julian Whitewright, reviewing James Beresford, The Ancient Sailing Season (72-74)

Christopher Matthew, reviewing Donald Kagan and Gregory F. Viggiano, eds., Men of Bronze: Hoplite Warfare in Ancient Greece (75-76)

Sabine Müller, reviewing Thomas R. Martin and Christopher W. Blackwell, Alexander the Great: The Story of an Ancient Life (77-78)

Elizabeth Archibald, reviewing Warren C. Brown, Marios Costambeys, Matthew Innes, and Adam J. Kosto, eds., Documentary Culture and Laity in the Early Middle Ages (79-81)

Steve Esposito, reviewing Andreas Markantonatos, ed., Brill’s Companion to Sophocles (82-86)

Donald Lateiner, reviewing Jeremy Mynott, ed., trans., Thucydides: The War of the Peloponnesians and the Athenians (87-89)

Alexander Sens, reviewing Andrzei Wypustek, Images of Eternal Beauty in Funerary Verse Inscriptions of the Hellenistic and Greco-Roman Periods (90-92)

Ian Wood, reviewing Peter Brown, Through the Eye of a Needle: Wealth, the Fall of Rome, and the Making of Christianity in the West, 350-550 AD (93-95)

Benjamin Isaac, reviewing Rebecca F. Kennedy, C. Sydnor Roy and Max L. Goldman, ed., trans., Race and Ethnicity in Classical World: An Anthology of Primary Sources in Translation (96-99)

Eric M. Uslaner, reviewing Paul Christesen, Sport and Democracy in the Ancient and Modern Worlds (100-192)

Adam Kemezis, reviewing A.G.G. Gibson, ed., The Julio-Claudian Succession: Reality and Perception of the ‘Augustan Model’ (103- 105)

Paul T. Nicholson, reviewing W.H. Peck, The Material World of Ancient Egypt (106-108)


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