Online Reviews, Vol. 1

Samuel Scolnicov, reviewing Christopher Bobonich, ed., Plato’s Laws: A Critical Guide (1-3)

Jordi Redondo, reviewing Anatole Mori, The Politics of Apollonius Rhodius’ Argonautica (4-7)

Nicholas Smith, reviewing Donald Morrison, ed., The Cambridge Companion to Socrates (8-13)

Gjert Vestrheim, reviewing A.D. Morrison, The Narrator in Archaic Greek and Hellenistic Poetry (14-16)

Alan Bailey, reviewing Richard Bett, ed., The Cambridge Companion to Ancient Scepticism (17-19)

Mary-Frances Williams, reviewing Robin Waterfield, Polybius. The Histories, introduction and notes by Brian McGing (20-24)

Jonathan Burgess, reviewing Lawrence Kim, Homer between History and Fiction in Imperial Greek Literature (25-26)

Ulrike Roth, reviewing Sandra R. Joshel, Slavery in the Roman World (27-29)

Mark Wheeler, reviewing Christopher P. Long, Aristotle on the Nature of Truth (30-33)

David Wardle, reviewing A.J. Woodman, ed., The Cambridge Companion to Tacitus (34-37)

Duane Roller, reviewing Larissa Bonfante, ed., The Barbarians of Ancient Europe: Realities and Interactions (38-39)

Peter Temin, reviewing Constantina Katsari, The Roman Monetary System: The Eastern Provinces from the First to the Third Century AD (40-42)

C.L. Cooper, reviewing Mark D. Stansbury-O’Donnell, Looking at Greek Art (43-46)

Valentino Gasparini, reviewing Zsuzsanna Várhelyi, The Religion of Senators in the Roman Empire. Power and the Beyond (47-49)

Carl Shuve, reviewing Allen Brent, Cyprian and Roman Carthage (50-52)

Rebecca Kennedy, reviewing Ruth Scodel, An Introduction to Greek Tragedy (53-55)

Andrea Roppa, reviewing T. Hodos & S. Hales (eds.). Material Culture and Social Identities in the Ancient World (56-58)

Liana Lomiento, reviewing S. Hagel, Greek Ancient Music. A New Technical History (59-63)

Mark Golden, reviewing Caroline Vout, Power and Eroticism in Imperial Rome (64-66)

Walter Stockert, reviewing Michael Fontaine, Funny Words in Plautine Comedy (67-70)

Adam Bartley, reviewing Neil Hopkinson, Lucian: A Selection (71-72)

John Dillon, reviewing John Richardson, The Language of Empire: Rome and the idea of empire from the third century BC to the second century AD (73-75)

Jakub Pigon, reviewing Jacqueline M. Carlon, Pliny’s Women: Constructing Virtue and Creating Identity in the Roman World (76-79)

Philip Rousseau, reviewing Edward J. Watts, Riot in Alexandria: Tradition and Group Dynamics in Late Antique Pagan and Christian Communities (80-81)

Dimitri Nakassis, reviewing Bryan E. Burns, Mycenaean Greece, Mediterranean Commerce, and the Formation of Identity (82-85)

Henriette van der Blom, reviewing A.R. Dyck, Cicero, Pro Sexto Roscio (86-87)

Neil Bernstein, reviewing Christian Laes, Children in the Roman Empire: Outsiders Within (88-90)

J. Albert Harrill, reviewing Henrik Mouritsen, The Freedman in the Roman World (91-94)

David Depew, reviewing Mariska Leunissen, Explanation and Teleology in Aristotle’s Science of Nature (95-97)

Alexander Free, reviewing Leonardo de Arrizabalaga y Prado, The Emperor Elagabalus: Fact or Fiction? (98-100)

Guy G. Stroumsa, reviewing Maijastina Kahlos, Forbearance and Compulsion: The Rhetoric of Religious Tolerance and Intolerance in Late Antiquity (101-102)

Douglas Cairns, reviewing David Konstan, Before Forgiveness: The Origins of a Moral Idea (103-113)

Natalia Vogeikoff-Brogan, reviewing Lisa C. Nevett, Domestic Space in Classical Antiquity (114-119)

Thomas M. Banchich, reviewing Ory Amitay, From Alexander to Jesus (120-122)

Roger Dunkle, reviewing Hazel Dodge, Spectacle in the Roman World (123-124)

Roger Dunkle, reviewing Fik Meijer, Chariot Racing in the Roman Empire (125-126)

Carl J. Richard, reviewing Alexandra Lianeri, ed., The Western Time of Ancient History: Historiographical Encounters with the Greek and Roman Pasts (127-128)

Carolyn Swan, reviewing Cristina Mazzoni, She-Wolf: the Story of a Roman Icon (129-131)

Tiberiu Popa, reviewing R.W. Sharples, Peripatetic Philosophy, 200 BC to AD 200: An Introduction and Collection of Sources in Translation (132-133)

Rosa García-Gasco Villarrubia, reviewing Robert Shorrock, The Myth of Paganism: Nonnus, Dionysus and the World of Late Antiquity (134-136)

Seth Richardson, reviewing Amanda H. Podany, Brotherhood of Kings: How International Relations Shaped the Ancient Near East (137-140)

Cameron Hawkins, reviewing Andrew M. Riggsby, Roman Law and the Legal World of the Romans (141-143)

Thomas S. Burns, reviewing Eric H. Cline and Mark W. Graham, Ancient Empires: From Mesopotamia to the Rise of Islam (144-147)

Angela Kalinowski, reviewing Arjan Zuiderhoek, The Politics of Munificence in the Roman Empire. Citizens, Elites and Benefactors in Asia Minor (148-152)


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